Rafel Sabadí recommend SEA white 2016

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Rafel Sabadí recommend SEA white 2016


Under Els Àngels is one of the most important winemaking projects that have emerged in the region of the Empordà in recent years. This winery concentrates all its efforts on land and in the vineyard, with maximum respect for nature, practicing the biodynamic farming techniques in full. They have also been pioneers in the elaboration of natural wines in the Empordà, with a collection of wines called Flow.

The jewel of the crown is its Sota els Àngels Blanc, elaborated with a surprising and unusual coupage of the varieties viognier and picapoll. It is a target of marked personality, which despite its volume is superfluous, more Atlantic than Mediterranean, with juicy fruit and enviable complexity. A unique piece in the region, a special way of interpreting wine and its surroundings.

Winery: Sota Els Angels

Area: Baix Empordà

Municipality: Cruïlles

Varieties: 50% viognier, 50% picapoll

RRP: € 25