The winery

Silence and simplicity

Besides musts fermenting in "lagares" of cement, the integrated architecture of the winery facilitates the production and development and of our organic wines. Natural cooling of the bodega`s temperature and its well designed gradients, enables us to work using gravity.  From the freshly harvested grapes arrival on the highest floor, down to the mid-level deposits and finally downwards to the settling-in in the barrel room, where the wine is laid to rest, until bottling.


Serving Nature and the vineyard

The grapes are harvested at the optimum moment manually in small boxes so that the fruit arrives at the winery in the best conditions. Later, in the selection table, the clusters undergo the final visual control so that there is no fruit in disrepair before the grapes are transformed into wine in cement "lagares". We seek to intervene as least as possible in the process of natural fermentation of the wine. For that reason we let the must fermenting with the own grape yeast. We work following the moon cicles and other natural cicles, also when we choose the right moment to bottling.