The vineyard

Wine imbued with its own terroir

SOTA ELS ANGELS is eight acres of a lush green, beautiful vines. It is densely planted with carignan, red, white and grey grenache, merlot, syrah and picapoll and viognier varieties. The vegetative mass management, land cover, organic control and biodynamic care we give to our vineyard allows us to extract the soul of each of our grape varieties, while improving balance and natural harmony to our environment. It is a soulful place where we grow excellent quality grapes and make wines infused with the nuances of their terroir.


The birth of character

The little vinyards on top of the mountain have vertiginous slopes and soils of ancient, easy broken slates The Vineyard below has a slight slope of 7% falling northwards, in the face of the Tramontana. With a high presence of iron and magnesium, an acid PH, the soil is frank, consisting of 35% coarse and fine silt, 30% sand, 11%-13% clay and 10% silica. All this helps to make SOTA ELS ANGELS´s wines pleasingly elegant.

The climate

Tramuntana in favour of the vineyard

The strong north wind, Tramuntana, with gusts often exceeding 80 miles per hour has very beneficial effects for the good health of the vineyard. The winters are mild but with frosts at night, and summers are hot with frequent cool nights. Average annual temperature is between 14º and 16ºC. Rainfall is around 600 litres per year.

Biodynamic Agriculture
  • A way to live

    In ELS SOTA ÀNGELS we are convinced that a connection with nature and self-knowledge is the core of our creativity. That is why we choose biodynamic viticulture, because it is not only about making wine, but to live in communication with the environment and with our intuition. 

  • With the CCPAE certification of bio-agriculture, we treat the vineyard with teas made of medicinal herbs and rainwater; the pruning, the racking of the wine and other tasks are done on days according to the cycles of the moon; we continuously take walks between the vines observing its state, alert at any sign that warn us of the need for action. We live searching and growing, in communication with the plants.

The harvest

Selecting selections

At SOTA ELS ANGELS we are looking for excellence, which means small quantities of grapes per vine. The white varieties produce between 1.5 kg and 2 kg per plant. Reds vary between 1 kg and 1.5 kg, except syrah, of which we only obtained from 350 to 450 grams per plant of a fantastic quality. We have produce an average of 15,000 bottles a year, but we are starting to reach 20,000.