Elmundovino.com highlights Sota Els Angels

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Elmundovino.com highlights Sota Els Angels


I had not approached us to the northernmost vineyards of Catalonia, and it was now time to do so. We would have liked to have a wider array of wines, but between harvest time and, presumably, the small size of many of these wineries, some have not heeded our request. Here are the others.

In this interesting session we have seen a growing contrast between the wines that follow a pattern very '90s' -ensamblajes of foreign breeds, a lot of maturity, a lot of extraction-such as the well known Perelada Castle, and starting to reflect a back to indigenous breeds (such as Carignan, Grenache, picapoll, Malvasia) and a slightly cooler style.

It has seemed particularly interesting recent developments in an exemplary wine estate as Sota Els Àngels, now with the advice of a winemaker closely identified with the wines of terroir, Fredi Torres, who is leaving its mark in different places in Catalonia and Galicia.

It does not seem absurd now or before this proliferation of castes bordelesas once observed in this area: for reasons of soil and climate, can give very good results. But we prefer less overloaded oak less overripe expressions, some of which we tested this time.